Your Key to Home Protection

Security and style sum up Therm-Con’s door lock accessory services. We team up with Callan by Delaney, Kwikset and Emtek to give customers the peace of mind a firmly locked door delivers. Therm-Con’s door hardware matches any décor with our wide selection of styles and finishes. We offer both mid-grade and top-of-the-line knobs and lever handles in order to provide sets to fit any taste and budget.

Our line of Callan products meets Grade 3 certification and is an attractive, quality option at an affordable price. Callan hardware is available in matching interior and exterior knob, lever and handle sets for a clean, uniform look throughout any home.

Emtek is our premium line of door lock products, giving an upgraded look and feel to any home. Whether classic or contemporary, Emtek products are finely crafted and comprised of superior components for an overall high-quality polish that will endure.

For over 60 years, Kwikset has delivered both quality and convenience in its ever-advanicing line of door lock products. Kwikset has earned its place as an industry leader by offering a full line of products with an exceptional range of functions and finishes.