Heirloom Series Gas Fireplace

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The Heirloom provides authentic masonry style without the costs of a site-built masonry fireplace. The largest viewing areas in their class showcase intense fires, textured brick interior panels, powerful heat and high-efficiency performance.

  • 36", 42" and 50" viewing areas
  • Variable flame control up to 65,000 BTUs
  • High-efficiency, AFUE-rated performance
  • Standard IntelliFire Touch remote control features a touchscreen and offers the most intuitive control system that is simple, smart and safe
  • Choose from standard traditional or herringbone interior panels
  • Finish it your way with a choice of decorative firescreen fronts with fine mesh for a clear view of the fire

IntelliFire Touch Controls

IntelliFire Touch is the most advanced and intuitive IntelliFire system, making operating your fireplace simple, smart and safe.

Direct Vent Technology

With Direct Vent Technology, your fireplace can use outside air for combustion, expelling 100% of the combustion exhaust and by-products.

Fireplace Safety

At Heatilator, we are committed to your safety. We lead the industry with advanced safety developments.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is the strongest and most comprehensive in the industry.

Model Specifications

Heirloom 36 for IFT

Appliance Width: 61"
Appliance Height: 57-5/8"
Appliance Depth1: 24"
Appliance Rear Width: 59-1/4"
Framing Height: 56"
Framing Depth: 24"
Framing Front Width: 59-1/2"
Framing Back Width: 59-1/2"
BTU/hr Input: 45,000
Viewing Area: 35-7/8 x 31-1/16"

Heirloom 42 for IFT

Appliance Width: 67"
Appliance Height: 62-5/8"
Appliance Depth1: 24"
Appliance Rear Width: 65-5/16"
Framing Height: 61"
Framing Depth: 24"
Framing Front Width: 65-9/16"
Framing Back Width: 65-9/16"
BTU/hr Input: 54,000
Viewing Area: 41-7/8 x 36-1/16"

Heirloom 50 for IFT

Appliance Width: 75"
Appliance Height: 66-5/8"
Appliance Depth1: 24"
Appliance Rear Width: 73-5/16"
Framing Height: 65"
Framing Depth: 24"
Framing Front Width: 73-9/16"
Framing Back Width: 73-9/16"
BTU/hr Input: 65,000
Viewing Area: 49-7/8 x 40-1/16"


Heirloom 36 for IFT

Steady State: 76.2%
AFUE: 56.7%
Canada EnerGuide: 59.6%

Heirloom 42 for IFT

Steady State: 77.2%
AFUE: 66.7%
Canada EnerGuide: 67.0%

Heirloom 50 for IFT

Steady State: 68.2%
AFUE: 66.0%
Canada EnerGuide: 67.5%