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Homeowners and building contractors choose fiberglass insulation because of its effectiveness, safety and value. If you’re looking for a fiberglass insulation company in the Chattanooga area, the team at Therm-Con is your source! We work with homeowners, builders and contractors to install fiberglass insulation in homes and commercial buildings for both retrofit and new construction projects.

When you’re ready to begin your insulation project in Chattanooga, give us a call at 423-894-8766 or continue reading to learn more about our fiberglass insulation services!

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What Is Fiberglass Insulation?

Fiberglass is a fiber made from molten sand and recycled glass, thus rendering it naturally noncombustible. It is a plant-based binder with no added formaldehyde, harsh acrylics, dyes or unnecessary fire retardants. It is used in a wide variety of applications; it won’t deteriorate over time or lose its insulating power (R-value). Plus, fiberglass insulation can reduce energy costs and provide interior and exterior sound control, and it’s safe to manufacture and install.

Types of Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is available in a wide range of thermal resistance R-values and is available unfaced or with a variety of facings, including kraft or foil. Fiberglass is an attractive choice for home insulation because it poses no fire hazard and protects certain parts of the building envelope from the outside weather. It comes in pink, white, yellow or green. Depending on the manufacturer, it has more or less of a spongy feel.

Batt and Blanket Insulation

Fiberglass is often found in blanket form, also called batts. They come in standard pre-cut lengths and widths. Batts are typically stapled into place and are manufactured with a paper or foil backing that faces the direction of warmth. Batts are available in a range of thicknesses: The thicker the batts, the higher resistance to heat flow. This resistance is known as R-value; the most common R-values are R-11 to R-19 for walls and R-30 to R-38 for ceilings.

Blanket insulation is typically installed in spaces without many obstructions like pipes, wiring, unfinished walls (including foundation walls), floors and ceilings. It is fitted between joists, studs and beams and is often used in new construction projects. Blanket insulation can also be used as acoustic insulation for commercial buildings and thermal insulation for areas inside the home (often in attics).

Blown-In Insulation

Fiberglass insulation also comes in bags as loose-fill, also known as blown-in insulation. In this form, fiberglass insulation can be blown into attic, wall and floor cavities. Blown-in insulation fills areas between existing wall studs and ceiling joists quickly and easily and can be added to attics and walls without the hassle. It can also seal small gaps and spaces as it settles, filling these spots where cold air would typically enter. In addition to creating an insulating blanket, blown-in insulation helps reduce sound transfer between the outdoors and the indoors so that unwanted street noise will be softened. Blown-in fiberglass has an R-value of 2.2 to 2.7 per inch.

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is one of the least inexpensive methods of insulating a home or commercial building in Chattanooga. Other benefits include:

  • Flexibility. Because of the rolls and pre-cut panels, fiberglass insulation can very easily be installed between rafters, studs and joists blocks. It also offers a snug fit that will stop airflow and the transfer of heat.
  • Energy efficiency. When installed correctly, fiberglass insulation can help you save on your heating and cooling bills, lower your energy bills and make your home or property more comfortable year-round.
  • No fire hazard. Fiberglass insulation is naturally fire-retardant because it’s made from sand and recycled glass. This makes it a great choice for homeowners in hot or dry climates.
  • Sound-dampening properties. When installing additional insulation, the noise coming into the house is significantly reduced due to the natural noise-canceling properties of fiberglass.

Hazards of Fiberglass Insulation

While the benefits of fiberglass insulation are impressive, you also need to be aware of the risks. Homeowners in the Chattanooga area need to understand the health risks associated with exposure to fiberglass insulation. In some cases, this type of insulation can cause physical harm because fiberglass is made by pulling strands of glass into thin fibers. When bare skin encounters fiberglass, the sharp ends of the strands can cause irritation through scratching, creating tiny cuts that can cause itchiness, irritation and rashes. When inhaled, fiber particles have been known to cause nosebleeds, coughing and other respiratory illnesses.

Fiberglass Insulation Contractors in Chattanooga, TN

Some jobs are better left to the pros. Fiberglass insulation must be installed properly for maximum benefit, and choosing our professional technicians to install your new insulation is a wise choice. Hiring the professionals at Therm-Con ensures your safety and gets the job done correctly the first time with the proper tools close at hand.

Along with insulation services, we can also weatherize your home to seal leaks that lead to further wasted energy. As part of the Installed Building Products family of companies, Therm-Con offers knowledge, experience and resources that few companies can match.

To learn more, call Therm-Con at 423-894-8766 to get a free quote. Feel free to ask us any questions about fiberglass insulation or our other products and services!

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