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Therm-Con is part of the IBP (Installed Building Products) Family of Companies, one of the largest service providers in the country. We bring small-town service to your Hamilton County home, but we can offer the kind of savings that come from buying in bulk. While other companies are waiting on materials, we already have what you need.

Most shower doors can last 20 to 30 years, but, like many home systems, shower doors need maintenance. Heavily used, incorrectly installed or uncared-for shower doors can mean a shorter life span.

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newly installed glass shower door on walk in shower

Custom SHOWER Installation


shower and bathroom hardware display with different finishes

Top-Shelf BATHROOM Accessories


Popular Shower Door Options in Chattanooga, TN

Here in America’s heartland, we value well-made products and affordability. Your shower door should be designed to last and competitively priced. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting a stylish shower door.

These shower door trends will be around for a while:

  • Corner: Corner shower doors use more space, but that doesn’t lessen their appeal. Some corner shower doors are folding or even sliding glass doors.
  • Fractional: Essentially, this is a modern no-door design that only works well with certain shower spaces.
  • Frameless: Frameless shower doors are perfect for any style of bathroom.
  • French: These are beautiful and have metal frames supporting 8-20 shower door glass panes.
  • Frosted: These are easy to clean and give your bathroom an evergreen essence.
  • Semi-frameless: If you don’t want to commit to modern-extreme, a semi-frameless shower door might be for you.

Blended metals are the biggest shower door trend in ages. Many types of metals are used in shower door design, and the key to mixing metals is consistency.

Popular mixed metal combinations include:

  • Black/polished nickel
  • Brass/chrome
  • Brass/gold
  • Chrome/black
  • Gold/matte black
  • Gold/polished nickel
  • Warm/cool
    • Cool metals are black, chrome, nickel
    • Warm metals are brass, copper, gold, oil-rubbed bronze

… but there are no rules. Mix and match whatever works for you.

Do you have shower door replacement ideas? Let’s discuss your options. Call 423-894-8766 or contact Therm-Con.



walk in and glass shower door display

Signs Your Bathroom Needs a New Shower Door

If you’re planning a home improvement project or renovation this year, consider replacing your shower door as part of your project, especially if you’re doing bathroom-area remodeling.

But heed the warning signs that your shower doors are overdue for replacement. These include:

  • Cracks/chips: Long-term rough handling of shower doors can lead to cracks or chips. Cracks tend to spread, weakening the door and posing an all-around hazard in the shower area.
  • Discoloration: Years of mold and dirt take their toll on shower doors. Even regularly cleaned shower doors have soap scum residue and buildup. When your clear glass doors become yellowish or if you have spot stains, it’s time for a shower door replacement.
  • Outdated/unattractive: An old shower door stands out like pink bathtubs and green shag carpet. If your bathroom has wallpaper and carpet, the shower door isn’t the only thing you need to replace.
  • Puddles: After showering, if you see standing water or puddles in one or more areas of the shower floor, it means your seals and gaskets aren’t doing their jobs. Slippery shower floors are dangerous.
  • Rust: Shower door metal hardware is treated to resist weathering and rust. If your shower door’s metal parts (hinges, handles, etc.) show rust, it’s time to consider shower door replacement.
  • Squeaks: If it makes noise when opening/closing, that’s a sign the shower door fittings are eroding. Eventually, you’ll see cracking or have a broken shower door.
  • Won’t close: It could have been badly sized, or it could be age. If your shower door sticks, is difficult to close or won’t close completely, it’s time for professional replacement.

Superior customer care is our trademark. Find out for yourself. Call 423-894-8766 today or contact Therm-Con.


bathroom remodel with modern glass tile in shower


chrome black silver and matte black shower hardware with glass doors


Shower tile options displayed side-by-side.

Ready to Start Your Project?

Trust Therm-Con for Shower Door Installation in Chattanooga

Replacing a shower door isn’t a DIY job. Measurements and installation should be precise, and you want to partner with a reputable installation company that guarantees its work.

Therm-Con has been a trusted name for over 40 years. We work with interior design professionals, homeowners, construction contractors and home builders. We have high standards and choose the finest products from reputable manufacturers. Because we’re partnered with IBP, we get high-volume purchasing savings and pass those savings on to you.

Our shower door technicians take pride in being a part of the Therm-Con family. We’re also proud to deliver high-quality work. This means we value your home and possessions, and we always leave our work area as clean as we found it.

You deserve professional shower door installation by a well-known Chattanooga-based company.

Call 423-894-8766 or contact Therm-Con today.

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